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Administrative fatigue

Employer-sponsored healthcare

The price of financial complexity

Sagi Polani

February 12, 2024

3 min

Direct financial costs are not the only burden you need to contend with in your ongoing effort to make your employer-sponsored healthcare program cost-effective.

Human-resource costs include the employee work hours needed to manage your healthcare program, as well as any psychological costs from strain or overwhelm. 

The more complicated your healthcare program is to coordinate, the higher those HR costs will rise. A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Health Forum highlighted an area where financial cost complexity can lead not only to elevated financial costs, but also to elevated human-resource  costs. The study performed a meticulous analysis of over 13,000 colonoscopy fees and uncovered a surprising cost differential: on average, colonoscopies performed at hospital outpatient departments cost 55% more than those conducted in ambulatory facilities. 

The potential financial costs of this fee variation are obvious. If your employees opt for  hospital outpatient departments, you will pay more to cover the same procedure: a significant waste of resources. 

The human-resource costs are not as obvious, but they may cost your company just as much.

Administrative fatigue

Surprise bills from hospitals require administrative attention - and often a great deal of administrative attention. Benefits teams are already grappling with administrative fatigue due to the complexities of managing employee benefits. When a wrench is thrown into the works on any process that was supposed to be simple, administrative overwhelm looms large. 

Adjusting the health Benefits stack

If it ain’t broke - don’t fix it. But if it IS broke - don’t fix it at your own peril! As soon as your Benefits team becomes aware of a money-leaking benefit (like a colonoscopy that can generate more expenditures than necessary), that item must go on the list to be investigated before the open enrollment period next year. 

Each benefit that you now need to find a new, more effective solution for can mean hours of work: evaluating the current situation, looking into other options, vetting, contracting, informing employees of the changes… Sometimes it’s tempting to just leave it as-is: broken.

Employee awareness

When employees’ lack of awareness can cost you financially (e.g. choosing an expensive option when there was an equally good lower cost option available), that’s the time to educate employees on how to better consume healthcare. 

In the colonoscopy example above, guiding employees toward ambulatory facilities or educating them about alternative screening options for colorectal cancer like FIT (Fecal Immunochemical Test) tests, can reduce your financial costs. All this effort, however, takes time and investment. 

How Fijoya Helps With Lowering Costs

Fijoya is committed to reducing administrative fatigue from point solution vendor management. Lowering financial costs shouldn’t mean a parallel rise in administrative costs!

That’s why the Fijoya platform intentionally integrates cost-effective screening options. All the options are included with the Fijoya platform, so Benefits teams don’t have to do any vetting, contracting or support. 

We also provide built-in resources guiding employees to make choices that align with both health and financial wellbeing. This employee education process is hands-off for employer Benefits teams, to focus on the big picture of benefits and not get bogged down in all the admin.

In a healthcare landscape marked by cost disparities and administrative complexities, Fijoya strives to provide a solution that not only reduces costs but also alleviates the administrative fatigue that Benefits teams contend with.

Blog posts

Administrative fatigue

Employer-sponsored healthcare

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