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Administrative fatigue

Employer-sponsored healthcare


What are the symptoms of Point Solution Fatigue?

Rachel Caplin

January 16, 2024

2 min

Point solutions are becoming par for the course in the world of employer-sponsored healthcare. Point solutions are a way to diversify an employee health and wellness offering and bridge gaps that are not addressed by traditional brick and mortar benefits.

However, the mass of point solutions available in the market have led to severe administrative burdens for employers. In the mission to offer options that will meet diverse employee needs, benefits leaders are left overwhelmed by high vendor management maintenance and frustrated by low utilization of the solutions offered. If simplified care is a company goal, this situation is not a step towards achievement.

According to a 2023 WTW study, 41% of employers feel that they have too many point solutions or vendor partners.

Let’s see a few reasons why.

Buried in Admin

Contracting with healthcare point solutions is a complex and time-consuming endeavor. Legal and regulatory requirements demand rigorous compliance checks, privacy assessments, and alignment with existing healthcare structures. And that’s all before you sign with a  vendor! Then there’s the admin of managing all these new solutions… it’s no wonder that the WTW study found that 48% of employers say they have a lack of internal resources to manage point solutions.

Employee Support

If your benefits team has trouble with the complexities of your point solutions, then your employees are certainly likely to be confused. As new solutions are introduced, Benefits teams often become inundated with employee inquiries. They end up functioning as makeshift call centers, addressing questions and concerns. This constant stream of inquiries can divert time and energy away from strategic initiatives.

ROI Question Marks

The WTW study reveals a great source of disappointment with digital point solutions: while respondents said that return on investment (ROI) is a key metric in evaluating benefits, 44% of employers say that vendor reporting lacks employer-specific ROI. benefits leaders may struggle to quantify the actual health benefits of these solutions and justify their value to their organizations.

A Call for Change

It's time for a change. In order for Benefits teams to actually focus on employee wellbeing (and not on a mountain of digital paperwork), they need simplified, integrated healthcare solutions that alleviate the administrative burden. These solutions should focus on providing the diversity of benefits that employees seek for their wellbeing, while streamlining processes for Benefits leaders.

At Fijoya, this vision led us every step of the way as we created our platform. We saw the potential for simplified healthcare through diverse but integrated solutions. We saw what Benefits teams could accomplish without the administrative burden, and could instead be strategists focused on initiatives to truly drive employee wellbeing. 

With this in mind, it becomes possible to unclog an organizational bottleneck in a way that drives health equity, as well as a healthier bottom line where everybody benefits.

Blog posts

Administrative fatigue

Employer-sponsored healthcare


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