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The way health should be.

The Fijoya app is the one-stop-shop to
easily browse, choose and pay for health
and wellness services that suit you.

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One app to choose, pay for, and manage your health and wellness.

Connect to thousands of health and wellness products and services

Download the Fijoya app, complete a brief questionnaire, and start exploring.

Virtual & primary care

Genetic testing

Caregiving and pet care

Cardiac care


Nutrition & weight management

Mental health & wellbeing

Fitness program

and many more!
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Fijoya makes it easy for employees to understand, use and love their benefits

Personalized benefits

Fijoya’s AI recommendation engine ensures you discover tailored options, selected just for you.

Easy, instant payment

Pay easily with on-demand employer-funded virtual cards - no more receipts or reimbursement.

Diverse, flexible options

Choose what you need, when you need it from thousands of health, and wellness services.

Get health benefits
you’ll actually use and love

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