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Blog posts

Employer-sponsored healthcare

Health equity

Why we built this

Baruch Levy and Sagi Polani

January 3, 2024

2 min

Fijoya is driven by a clear vision: to grant employees – people – better and more equitable access to the health services and products that suit their unique needs and preferences.

We need to fundamentally change the way we consume and pay for healthcare and believe that the time is ripe for this revolution.

The $1.5 trillion employer-sponsored healthcare market is at a breaking point, riddled with unsustainable administrative complexity and rising costs. Traditional efforts to tame this beast – whether through data control, administrative reduction, or financial model innovation – have fallen short as the system remains fragmented, unaffordable and inaccessible.

Point solutions brought a fresh and new way to engage with healthcare. But as this ecosystem grew exponentially, employers became cornered by soaring costs and employees are still clamoring for more flexible, diverse healthcare options. Point solution utilization often hovers below 10%, highlighting a significant gap and frustration on both sides.

To us, this was a problem worth solving.

What is the Vision?

The vision that propelled Fijoya into existence is the transformation of employer-sponsored healthcare into a system that prioritizes convenience, cost-efficiency, personalization, and equitable access to benefits for everyone. Our end-to-end platform, beginning with point solution Benefits, embodies a new era of healthcare. At our core is a commitment to improving time-to-value, allowing employees to engage with and manage their health and wellness how they want, and provide them with means to find, and pay at ease.

How It Works

Fijoya is designed to consumerize healthcare and cut through the complexities of traditional healthcare benefits. A single contract with Fijoya means employers offload the administrative burdens of point solution vendor management, while employees gain access to an eCommerce-like experience where they can shop for relevant medical, health, and wellness services and products - all in one place.

Our pay-per-use model prevents financial waste on unused benefits, making it easier for employers to offer and administer point solutions as part of the benefits stack.

The Details

With thousands of health and wellness options, Fijoya is a uniquely extensive, unbiased platform for point solution health benefits. Our advanced AI recommendation engine and integrated payment system simplify the process of acquiring everything from meditation apps to significant medical treatments, ensuring a seamless experience for employees.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our fintech approach is a disruptive approach to accelerate the healthcare ecosystem toward simplicity, transparency, and value. 

The Fijoya platform stands out by offering an end-to-end payment solution, streamlining the management of point solutions, and covering medical and health aspects beyond just wellness. It eliminates the need for contracting, provides an unbiased, non-preferred range of health and wellness services and products, utilizes advanced AI for personalized recommendations, and is fully customizable to meet diverse needs.

This is vision of true health equity, where everyone can access and pay for the care they need, when they need it, in a convenient, personalized manner.

That’s the future we want to see.

And that’s the future that we’re building with Fijoya.

Blog posts

Employer-sponsored healthcare

Health equity

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