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Product Stories


AI and personalization

Why has it been so hard to consumerize health benefits?

Ayelet Gvirsman

February 12, 2024

2 min

In just a few years, our expectations have drastically shifted.

Waiting two minutes for an Uber can make us antsy, while we used to tolerate waiting twenty minutes for a cab.

When shopping on Amazon, you expect clear pricing with no surprises.

However, when you ask individuals today about the cost of a procedure like a mammogram, many not only lack the knowledge of the price but also feel that such information is not something they should or can easily obtain.

This is an unacceptable gap. The time has come to elevate our own expectations of the healthcare experience.

The principal-agent problem

The consumerization of healthcare is about addressing the principal-agent problem, where users often feel disconnected from the healthcare services they receive, especially when they're not the direct payers. Unlike buying something like clothes or shoes, the value of healthcare isn't always clear upfront.

People tend to make decisions based on factors they can see, like cost and their past experiences. By improving the user experience and making healthcare more user-friendly, we can make it easier for individuals to take charge of their health, especially when it comes to preventive care. It's about finding a balance between personal choice and the guidance of healthcare professionals to ensure that health decisions are both autonomous and beneficial.

How can we make people expect more?

If consumerization is the answer then reducing disengagement from healthcare means simplifying and modernizing the experience, from selection to payment. This end-to-end, consumer-friendly approach is the only way to elevate user expectations, leading to increased utilization and, ultimately, better health and wellness.

At Fijoya, we aim to create an experience that is so seamless, so intuitive, that individuals begin to expect this level of convenience and ease when managing their health and wellness. Our hope is that Fijoya can help shift the paradigm to where people say, "This is how I expect to shop for my health benefits".

How do we achieve this?


Fijoya provides clear and comprehensive information about available health and wellness services. Users can easily understand the details of each service, including costs, advantages, reviews, why it's relevant to them, allowing them to make informed decisions.

Easy payments

Users can use a virtual corporate card issued in the app, eliminating the need for complex reimbursement processes and paperwork.

Lots of options

When shopping online for shoes or clothes, we expect a wide array of options to suit our preferences and needs. Similarly, Fijoya offers a diverse range of health and wellness services, ensuring that employees have access to a variety of options that cater to their unique health requirements. Just as we wouldn't settle for a limited selection when shopping for fashion, why should we accept a narrow menu for our health? Fijoya's approach mirrors the expansive choices we enjoy in e-commerce, empowering individuals to select the services that best fit their health and wellness goals.

Intuitive UX

Our user experience is designed to be intuitive, making it easy for users to find and select the services or products they need or want. The interface is user-friendly, with features that guide users through the process of exploring, wish-listing, choosing and paying.

Ease of comprehension

Fijoya ensures that the platform is easy to understand, even for users who may not be familiar with complex healthcare terminology. The platform uses simple language and clear visuals to explain the value and features of each service or product, helping users make sense of their healthcare options.

Navigation with an AI-based recommendation engine

Just like Spotify curates music playlists based on your preferences, Fijoya’s AI-based recommendation engine tailors suggestions to the user's specific needs and interests. Spotify doesn’t overwhelm you with every song ever created. Instead, it filters options to match your tastes. Similarly, Fijoya sifts through a vast array of health services to present users with personalized choices, ensuring users find the most relevant and beneficial options without feeling overwhelmed.

All in all, the consumerization of healthcare is about shifting our expectations to match the convenience and simplicity we experience in other areas of our lives. Fijoya is part of this change, providing transparent information, easy payments, a wide array of options, an intuitive user experience, and AI-based recommendations. By simplifying and modernizing the healthcare experience, we aim to not only meet but exceed consumer expectations, ultimately leading to better health outcomes for all.

Product Stories


AI and personalization

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