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Senior Data Scientists

Fijoya is hiring a Senior Data scientist as a part of the company’s core team.

Join our data science team in a pivotal role, leading the development of a unique B2B2C recommendation engine. Your skills in designing advanced algorithms and applying NLP and LLM techniques will be crucial in deriving insights from our extensive medical and demographic datasets. Collaborate closely with our cross-functional teams to integrate these insights into our systems, significantly enhancing user experience and informing business strategy. Your role will also involve effectively communicating complex analytical results to stakeholders at all levels, making a substantial impact in our dynamic environment.

To apply, please email your CV to

About the company

  • Located in Tel Aviv (near HaShalom train station)
  • Hybrid workplace
  • Dog friendly office =)


  • Lead end-to-end ML projects from data extraction through model validation to model deployment.
  • Design and implement sophisticated recommendation algorithms 
  • Utilize NLP and LLM techniques for efficient data extraction from diverse sources.
  • Extract business insights from growing medical and demographic oriented dataset
  • Work closely with management, and data engineering teams to integrate data collection, data quality, and core model output into production systems.


  • 5+ years of experience with data science projects from conception to production.
  • Experience with building recommendation systems
  • Broad knowledge of multidisciplinary data science modeling techniques and their use within the industry.
  • Fluency in Python and hands-on experience with relevant packages

Preferred Qualifications

  • Big Advantage: Experience with vector DB
  • Big Advantage: Experience with working with LLMs commercially (for fine-tuning, or AI-driven generative pipelines), using langchain or similar
  • Big Advantage: Data engineering experience
To apply, please email your CV to

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