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Product Stories


Health equity

User story: Hallie

Ayelet Gvirsman

February 12, 2024

1. How did you find People Analytics as your career path and passion?

From early on in my career, there were two things I always loved: people and data.  I’ve always also been a bit of an intrapreneur, always finding the next new thing to move into.  People Analytics hit all of those things, as a relatively early domain with lots of ability to influence and lead, obviously tying together people and data.  

2. People Analytics is about more than dashboards and surveys. What is the most exciting transformation or impact you’ve seen using data?

It is so much more than reporting!  A great story- performance management is such a big focus at many companies.  In one particular instance, the insights we gathered from analyzing the data showed there was a clear bias in determining the high performer population.  This insight drove major changes in the performance process, from redefining competencies, adding impartial evaluators, and adding interventions to alert managers to potential biases.  

3. What trends do you see related to benefits through a People Analytics lens?

Employees seek personalization.  We hear this over and over again in all employee listening programs.  They are different from their peers, and they don’t need the same things to meet them where they are at.  The same applies to benefits- there is no one size fits all offering, and benefit adoption and utilization shows that.  

4. How should benefits technology play a part in driving more engaged employees?

Personalize, personalize, personalize.  Tailor messaging and offerings to different audiences.  But also, embed in existing systems.  Employees are overwhelmed with technology, and point solutions tend to be the last place they go.  Consolidation is a key strategy in the HR tech market right now.  

5. What was your favorite Fijoya user experience and why?

I loved seeing all of the options.  Perhaps my favorite part was clicking through and finding things I didn’t even know I might want.  I’m a researcher and planner, so I like to understand all of my options before making a selection.  

Product Stories


Health equity

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